Tele-Psychiatry Services


Tele-Psychiatry in Australia

Tele-psychiatry links consultant psychiatrists, consultant physicians, and other allied mental health providers with patients via video, on a computer with reasonable internet access. Patients may be in their home, a doctor’s office, a community health centre or any other suitable location such as a school.

The Federal Government has allocated funding to allow specialists, GPs, nurse practitioners, practice nurses and allied health professionals to receive payments over four years for performing telemedicine consultations. The initial fee is $6,000 paid for the first consultation.

Medicare will pay for services via Tele-health as if they were face-to-face consultations in addition to an incentive payment of $80.00 per consultation for a specialist and $60.00 for GPs and nurse practitioners.

Telehealth MBS items can be billed where a specialist consultation is conducted via video-conferencing with a non-admitted patient who is:

  • In an Eligible Geographical Area;
  • A care recipient at a Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF); or
  • At an Aboriginal Medical Service

Telehealth Networks Proposal

A Telehealth Networks solution would be tailored to meet your individual needs. This example caters for four practitioners sharing a table in a dedicated Tele-Conference room:

  • A room video-conferencing facility
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Applications
  • A video-conferencing service
  • A Referral System with a section for Tele-Psychiatry
  • Advice on the most appropriate broadband solution for the location
  • Installation, set-up and implementation of the hardware, software and applications
  • Maintenance of the system for one year, renewable yearly
  • Assistance in the development of a marketing program to promote your Tele-Psychiatry Services
  • Financials – flexible pricing appropriate to your needs