Telehealth Networks provides health professionals, such as Nurse Practitioners, General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals, with the products and solutions that will allow them to more effectively and efficiently assess a patient no matter where the patient may be, as long as they have access to the internet.

It is a virtual face-to-face consultation between the participants through the provision of the hardware, software and communication devices that allows the appropriate assessment and diagnosis of the patient’s condition. All parties have instant access to the same and most up to date information.

Solutions and Services

Telehealth Networks will integrate the products and services to provide a tailored solution for the individual practitioner.

We provide instant access to medical specialists through our referral database. This database allows Nurse Practitioners, General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals to register when they are available, either immediately or by appointment, and use our online video facilities and our network enabled diagnostic tools to support their face-to-face consultations.




Training and Support

Telehealth Networks has the necessary support facilities to ensure success in using the Telehealth Networks products, solutions and services.

We have developed several training packages for online or onsite training. We also provide links to an extensive network of references for each solution.

We provide remote support for your products and solutions during business hours.







Telehealth Networks has the solutions to provide connectivity between Patients, Nurse Practitioners, General Practitioners, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals wherever the patient may be, as long as there is reasonable access to the internet. Packages are designed so professionals can choose any combination of equipment to suit their needs or they may select a whole package. All packages meet the issues raised so far in various Australian telehealth reviews and reports, including the UniQuest Report. In line with the recommendation from RACGP Telehealth Networks is happy to discuss your requirements and supply your package when the clinical telehealth standards for GPs are released.

For EMERGENCIES please ring your nearest hospital and call an ambulance or DIAL 000

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