Patients in rural and remote areas can now access a greater range of healthcare options without needing to travel to major centers. The availability of digital diagnostic tools and facilitation equipment means many conditions can be diagnosed, treated or monitored locally. Please visit the solutions and services page for further information on how the products can be packaged to suit to needs of individual practitioners and businesses. The various tools can capture, store and transmit the images, sounds, analyses or data that can be:

  1. Viewed and stored for consultation with the patient
  2. Kept as records by the practitioners and referred to for follow-up
  3. Sent for the expert opinion of another healthcare professional

Please click on the picture icons for detailed descriptions of the products.

Medical Tools and Software

Stethoscope The sounds from this Bluetooth enabled digital stethoscope can be heard live by all participants. These low frequency sounds can be picked up with a stethoscope or audio quality speakers.

Cardiosteth A software program integrated with the stethoscope will analyse sounds and provide synchronous auscultation to all participants.
otoscope-thumbnail Otoscope This wireless enabled otoscope will transmit images of the ear canal to the screens of all participants.

Dermatoscope This wireless enabled dermatoscope will transmit images of the skin to the screens of all participants.
SpirometerImg (2)

Spirometer The wireless enabled spirometer will transmit readings to all participants.
Wifi Scales WiFi Scale These Bluetooth enabled scales will transmit readings with analytics to all participants.

Ophthalmoscopes This wireless enabled ophthalmoscope will transmit live images to all participants.