Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Q: What does Telehealth Networks do?

A: Telehealth Networksprovides an end-to-end “Tele-Consultation Service Package” that supports live video conference consultations between doctor/patient and specialist (plus many other categories). The service includes an online referral system to connect you to the required specialty or GP instantly and all appropriate hardware and software.Medicare provides incentives to assist the transition to holding these Tele-Consultations.

Q: What’s in the “Tele-Consultation Service Package”?

A: “Tele-Consultation Service Package” includes (but is not only):

  • A business grade Video Conference facilitywith High Definition cameras that provides an easy to instigate face-to-face consultation that includes the ability to provide a live, moving, image of your patient’s condition (For example, skin blemishes).
  • All hardware, software and appropriate application. For example, laptop or Tablet PC and /or an all-in-one PC.
  • A live “Tele-Consultation Referral System” that provides instant visibility of specialists’ or other practitioners’ diaries (including who is available right now) and the ability to make appointments online between two or more practitioners.
  • Additional medical implements that enable the patient end practitioner to provide the specialist end with live medical conditions such as electronic Stethoscopes, medical cameras etc. All software is pre-loaded and tested to allow the instruments to communicate wirelessly or by USB tether to the computer and be transmitted to the receiving end.

Q: What does the “Tele-Consultation Referral System” do?

A: The Tele-Consultation Referral System provides a live visual link to many specialists and other practitioners, and includes the ability to instantly instigate a consultation with a specialist in the field your patient needs right now. The on screen information will allow you to select the specialty and see who is available right now and instantly connect to that specialist by video conference. Alternatively, you can choose a future appointment time to conduct the Vide Consultation by selecting from the diaries of a wide choice of specialists and other practitioners.

Q: Do I have to purchase computers from THN to benefit or can I use my existing computers?

A: No, you do not have to purchase from us – we are happy to set up your own computers for you. However, Telehealth Networks can provide suitable Computers such as Tablets, Laptops, Stand-alone Desktops and Widescreen setups, with peripherals at a reasonable cost. We will preload and test all appropriate software.

Q: What are the advantages of purchasing the Hardware from THN?

A: THN provides additional medical components, such as heart monitors, that are designed to be connected to the computers either wirelessly or hardwired. THN will load and test the software required to operate these components before shipping the hardware so that all components will operate correctly with the computers.

Q: Can you load the software onto our existing computers?

A: Yes we can but will require remote access to your computers unless we are able to visit your site.


Q: What does the Tele-Consultation Service Package cost?

A: The cost will vary depending on the Service Package choice but in almost all cases will be more than covered by the Government Incentive resulting from the first TeleConsultation. There are additional ongoing Medicare incentives to support Video Conference Consultations.

Q: What are the financial Benefits to taking up this offer?

A: The Government will pay a one-off incentive of $6,000 after the first TeleConsultation is conducted (reducing over several years from July 2012). There are also significant additional Medicare incentives for ongoing TeleConsultations (see the link to the Medicare service)