3M™ Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope

stethoscopeThis stethoscope delivers exceptional sound quality and a simple-to-operate user interface. Clinical evidence shows that it’s easier to detect difficult-to-hear heart sounds, like S3 gallops, aortic regurgitation murmurs and abnormal lung sounds. With these sound and usability improvements, you might never go back to your old stethoscope.
  • State-of-the-Art Sound Sensor. Providing a life-like sound experience equivalent to a high-end cardiology stethoscope.
  • Frictional Noise Reduction Technology. Designed to reduce distraction from handling noises.
  • Up to 24X Sound Amplification. Helpful for faint heart, lung or body sound, obese patients or when a patient’s clothing restricts your listening experience.
  • Proprietary Ambient Noise Reduction Technology. Reducing on average, 85% of interfering background noise.
  • On-board recording and playback capabilities. Helpful when seeking a peer opinion or when you are writing up notes on your patient’s condition, after your patinet has left.
  • Bluetooth® technology. Lets you transmit sounds real-time to your PC, which can then be further analysed or attached to medical records.
  • Free heart and lung sound visualisation software. Helps you detect and classify suspected heart murmurs whilst with your patient.